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Group Profile

Mercury Maritime Enterprises Co. S.A. Group, and its affiliated company J.P. Samartzis Maritime Enterprises Co. S.A. are involved in the maritime sector, in the ownership of shipping companies specialized in the management and World-Wide transportation in the dry bulk sector with decades of experience.


Our vessels trade worldwide in a diverse variety of routes, carrying a range of cargoes for a number of industries.

Our bulk carriers primarily have cargo:

  • coal
  • iron ore
  • steel products
  • Cement products
  • bauxite
  • grains
  • fertilizers

Management Company

Our company mission is to ensure that our vessels adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards, while providing superior ship-management services.

Honesty, ethical behaviour to all stakeholders, integrity, transparency are core to our daily business activities.

−Mercury Maritime was established in 2018 but has its shipping roots since 1975.

−Headquarters are located in self-owned offices in Athens, Greece

−Headed by an experienced team of professionals, each adept in their field

−All sharing a common vision and mission


Historical Backround

  • The Merkouris family entered in the shipping industry in 1975 by founding J.P. Samartzis Maritime Enterprises under the leadership of Cpt. John Samartzis, operating small Tweendeckers. Under Cpt. Samartzis leadership operated a total of 27 ships including Tweendeckers, RoRo, Passenger, Containers and all sizes of Bulk Carriers.
  • In 2014 Mr. John Merkouris took over the family business after Cpt Samartzis stepped down
  • Under John Merkouris leadership, J.P. Samartzis renewed its fleet with the addition of 2 Newbuild Japanese Eco-Aeroline Supramax 58k DWT and the acquisition of a 6 year old Korean Supra, replacing the older Handymax bulk carriers.
  • J.P. Samartzis presently owns and operates 3 Supramax.
  • In 2018 Mr. Jason Merkouris founded Mercury Maritime with the intent to expand the family’s fleet.
  • In 2019 Mercury Maritime acquired its first Vessel, a 37k Handysize vessel Korean build 2011.
  • In 2020 Mercury Maritime acquired its 2nd Vessel, sister ship to the first.
  • In 2021 Mercury Maritime acquired its 3rd Vessel, 56k Supramax, Korean built 2011
  • The Merkouris family operates 6 Vessels and in total has operated 33 Vessels throughout its shipping history.

Current Owned Fleet

Mercury Maritime currently manages a fleet of 3 drybulk vessels with combined capacity of 129,273 dwt.

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J.P. Samartzis currently manages a fleet of 3 drybulk vessels with combined capacity of 170,594 dwt.

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Fleet History

Current Owned Fleet

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Merkouris family have always aimed towards steady growth, taking advantage of opportunities. There is the full capability to sustain its growth.

Company’s Industry Relations/Network

  • Management has strong relationships with most of the major S&P and Chartering Brokers in the shipping industry
  • Group has concluded more than 50 S&P transactions of vessels in dry bulk and container sector.
  • We maintains good and longstanding relations with charterers ensuring maximum utilization of our fleet.
  • We work with first class charterers thus we minimize exposure
  • Close ties to brokers give access to a huge network of potential charterers / clients

S&P / Chartering Brokers

Major Charterers





  • 128, A. Syngrou Avenue, 11745, Athens, Greece
  • Tel: + 30 211 01 68 147
  • E-mail: